Thank you for visiting ER Janitorial Services Inc. ER Janitorial Services Inc. is a janitorial maintenance company dedicated to bringing Los Angeles commercial cleaning solutions to different type of businesses and facilities throughout Southern California. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, we are strategically located to better serve clients in various locations and deliver timely cleaning services to fit each business’s unique needs. E R Janitorial Services is more than qualified and equipped with the necessary skilled personnel, heavy duty equipment, and effective chemicals to handle any sized facility. Insured and Bonded for your convenience, so you do not have to worry when we are on the job. At E R Janitorial Services, we focus on providing the best reliable and detailed professional cleaning services to our clients. Our management team and cleaning staff are committed to customer satisfaction. See and discover the cleaning difference. CALL E R Janitorial Services to obtain a FREE competitive quote.

Featured Services

The four featured services by ER Janitorial are services that we provide that are beneficial to our clients. Here at ER Janitorial our service management experts have found that the following services can play a key role into making the cleaning difference to your business.

At ER Janitorial Services we give appretiate our customers who make us their exclusive cleaning provider and as a reward we ER Janitorial Services give them 15% discount off their first month of cleanig service.
At ER Janitorial Services, our management team located in Los Angeles works countless hours to insure complete satisfaction to our clients and potential clients. We make sure our clients cleaning such as office cleaning and janitorial cleaning services are being met by sending supervisors to ensure cleaning quality.

Office Cleaning

In our Los Angeles Office Cleaning we have our cleaning technicians vacum carpets thoroughly.

Office cleaning is an essential need for any office. Our expertise in office cleaning will have your office in great clean working conditions. Our goal is to achieve a spotless clean office and by choosing our services is the next big step for keeping your office clean.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is very important for any type of facility, not only does it remove stains but gives carpet a new look and extends the carpet life.

Our carpet cleaning is one of the premier services in the Los Angeles Area, our carpet cleaning technician has over 15 years of carpet cleaning experience and will provide you with the correct carpet service care your facility needs.

Pressure Washing

Aside from office cleaning or janitorial services, pressure washing service is important if clients want their hardscape to be appealing and clean.

Having a dirty hardscape is an issue all buildings face, but the solution is our pressure washing services. Which removes gum and dirt from the floor, resulting in a beautiful landscape for the building which is essential to have in the Los Angeles Area.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is essential for buildings and office. Windows are essential in the cosmetic look of a building and that is why we offer our clients window cleaning services throughout the Los Angeles area.

Our window cleaning services helps buildings in the Los Angeles area maintain their windows in a good condition by removing dirt and applying chemicals that will cause the window to be spotless and maintain a good condition.