Serving Hollywood Area

We our dedicated in bringing commercial cleaning solutions to our clients. "Cleaning Today for A Brighter Tomorrow." We are strategically located in Downtown Los Angeles to better serve clients in various locations and deliver timely cleaning services to fit each business’s unique needs. We also recognize the big demand of cleaning in the Hollywood area. We have experience in cleaning studios, offices, trailers, sets, and production buildings.

Having our headquarters a close proximity of Hollywood makes it easier for clients. Potential and current clients have estimate, appointments and concerns taken care of a quickly fashion. Our management cleaning team attends Hollywood clients with a faster response in the case of emergency cleaning, and concerns about our services. We take pride in serving the Hollywood area and our supervisor always make sure our clients are satisfied with our services.

ER Janitorial Services is located in Los Angeles area to better serve clients in Hollywood and have service request taken care of rapidly. Office cleaning and production studio cleaning are some of the service our Hollywood clients request.
We serve a extensive range of Southern California, but we also offfer our cleaning services to Ventura, Riverside, Orange County, San Diego and San Bernardino. All of these areas are covered by our ER Janitorial Services team and we will ensure clients get quality office cleaning.